Holistic Mentality Mentoring

When I started out on my journey of healing, I was overwhelmed with information and modalities.  I felt pulled in many directions and wasn't quite sure where to turn.  It took me years to overcome my depression and anxieties.  I created a mentoring option to help others who could benefit from someone who understands for guidance. I will customize a program based on your needs.  (Weekly & Monthly options available).


What you can expect from me is; my full attention when we are communicating, nonjudgement, modality recommendations, resources, and daily check ins. Some modalities will include self love techniques, guided meditations, morning practice ideas, affirmations, breathing exercises, expanding consciousness techniques, inner child work, energy work, plant based food ideas, and much more. 


Inquires please email me at holisticmentality@yahoo.com. Mentorship is currently donation based through PayPal. (Recommended $25-$100 week)

(I have also provided a list of free resources, recommendations and modalities under the resource section of this site).





"Emma has a grace, understanding, compassion, and true form of care to help you on your path of clarity.  With the life experiences she has had, she understands a personal way to share her story and to help you overcome your struggles in a way that is soft and pure love.  She has knowledge in self healing modalities that will help you overcome self destruction and grief.  The encouragement that she will provide is gentle and the empathy she holds for each individual is rare.  She will hold unconditional loving space for your healing needs."- Brenda C.


"Emma's presence in my life has been transformational and game changing from our very first meeting. And she continues to inspire me to this day.  Her openness to  perceiving and learning from the beauty and wisdom of life in all its forms is infectious.  Her dedication to being a compassionate channel to support the healing of others is exceptionally inspiring to me.  I love the patience and open-heartedness with which she holds space and listens, and the natural ease with which she relates her experiences and life lessons.  Her devotion to healing, learning, and growing with life is amazing and courageous.  I am deeply grateful for her presence on this journey."- Nav D. 




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